Questions and Answers

  • Where is it best to buy foreign currency?

    Purchase of foreign currency is most advantageous at CHANGE locations or CHANGE Online – which are free of foreign exchange buying commissions, most cost-effective exchange rates, and can be paid by credit card with payment distribution. Foreign currency purchasing in Israel is the most lucrative ! (Not ATMs abroad – this is the most expensive payment method!)

  • What is important to check before you buy in CHANGE?

    Essential to check the business license whether it is working with the approval of the Ministry of Finance.
    For the benefit of peace of mind, and of course your safety abroad, it is important to verify this before purchase to avoid buying counterfeit currency.

  • What are the advantages of buying foreign currency by credit card?

    Travel expenses are high and burdensome on your bank account, which definitely makes you think twice about any expense. So in order to travel with peace of mind and enjoy every moment, you should purchase foreign currency in the country in the most cost-effective and spreading some part of the payments, everything will fall in place immediately.

  • How is the business process of discounting pre-commercial checks for a member or for a company?

    We need to get the client’s photograph and all details by fax or email.

    • We perform a comprehensive initial testing immediately regarding the checks – their scope, their amounts and were awakened.

    • We are in touch with the customer to present our findings.

    • If necessary we will set up the customer a meeting with a marketing team of our Group’s business.

  • What documents do I need to bring with me when sending money abroad?

    For the purpose of transferring funds you must bring at least one identification card, which contains, image, identity number and address (an Israeli identity card and / or driver’s license).
    If you wish to transfer cash abroad, it is important to know the name of the beneficiary abroad precisely in English.
    If you wish to make a transfer to a bank account abroad, it is important to ensure the full overseas account information, including bank account name, bank name, SWIFT code of the bank, full address and bank account number, of course.

  • Can I send money to a bank account?

    You can make a deposit account abroad or in Israel. You must have full bank details of the beneficiary.

  • Can I cancel a transfer that I sent?

    Depending on the status of the transfer you can revoke the transfer of funds.
    Cash transfers – you can always cancel the transfer of funds as long as the money is not taken abroad
    EFT – you can cancel the transfer as long as the system was not implemented by SWIFT.