Discounting of commercial checks

Check discounting – early repayment Tiran company provides service check discounting cases of liquidity problems, paying salaries or goods and the repayment of debts,

These check are converted by Tiran to cash, minus a fee agreed upon in advance.

The big advantage inherent in the service, is that your business can continue to operate without the need for a loan or overdraft,

Higher interest rates than the fee paid for the discount bank.

Thanks to the thousands of customers who rely on our check discounting operations, we are able to give you comfortable repayment terms, especially lucrative commissions than you will be given elsewhere.

To enable you to discount checks, there are a number of preconditions that are necessary:

Not limited in terms of tradable redeemable date has not yet been specified.

Maintenance illegal – determining the position of a member of Tiran and that there is no legal reason to prevent the repayment.

Guarantee – obtaining a personal guarantee from owner of the check.

Limitations – Tiran company limits the amount of exposure of checks for early repayment. This limit is determined in advance individually for each customer.

History – Tiran company checks the credit history of an applicant action as a condition for the transaction.

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