Businesses in the area of financial services

Tiran company provides financial services for businesses.

The services provided by the Company are:

Check clearing salaries of employees

Discount of commercial checks

Exchange Services of foreign currency

Transfer of funds overseas for importers and documentation clearing

Selling and buying foreign currency by credit card up to 12 payments

Bank transfers in shekels or foreign currency

Master Card payment card

Wire transfers to overseas bank accounts

Receipt of funds from abroad – promptly

You will see with Tiran the fairness and attractive commissions offered as the most competitive company.

For each deal done an invoice will be provided for tax purposes which is a recognized expense.

The transaction can be obtained in several options:

Cash transaction, bank transfer or Master card charging for use worldwide.

Important Information! Each service given to the company requires opening of account and receiving Company Information

These details are maintained to enable invoicing of services rendered.

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